Firearm Transfers

As an FFL/SOT, Detroit Armament is capable of handling transfers for firearms purchased online
Please read this entire page before placing an order.

If you’re purchasing a NFA item such as a silencer/suppressor, Short Barreled Rifle, or Short Barreled Shotgun, there is a separate page for information on those transfers: Link

As a dealer, I am able to order a wide range of firearms from nearly every manufacturer. I can usually at least match a price. Plus, if you order the firearm through me, there is no transfer fee or other additional fees. The price I quote is always an out-the-door price. Give me a call or send me an email and let me know what you’re in the market for. Please click here to see the fine print


Changes to Michigan law are coming in 2024 that are increasing the burden of work for FFLs, costing more time to be spent on each transfer. Due to this, the current transfer fee will only be honored until December 31, 2023. The new fees effective January 1, 2024:
Handguns: $25 for the first serial number on the transfer form, $20 for the second, and $15 for each additional handgun serial number.
–> Starting in 2024, all handgun buyers MUST have either a Michigan Concealed Pistol License, OR they must go to their local police department to obtain a License to Purchase a Handgun.
All other firearm types: $20 for the first serial number on the transfer form, $15 for each additional serial number
– These fees represent the cash discount prices, for payment by card add $1/serial number.
These fees are only for transfers of firearms purchased from other retailers. Firearms purchased from Detroit Armament will continue to have a 100% out-the-door price with NO extra fees on top of the pricetag.

If you are unable to pick up your transfer within 30 days, please reach out within 30 days of firearm delivery to make arrangements for storage. Storage fees for firearms with confirmed prior arrangements are $20/month. Firearms without prior arrangements that are not picked up within 30 days of delivery are considered abandoned and become the property of Detroit Armament, LLC.

How It Works

The seller will give you an email address where they want Detroit Armament’s license sent after checkout. Email or text your order number and that email address (please copy and paste instead of sending a screenshot, this helps to eliminate the possibility of a typo) and I’ll handle the rest! If you’re buying from a retailer that has a list of dealers, Detroit Armament might not be on that list. There should be an option to provide the FFL information later, just select that.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to watch the tracking information and contact me when it is marked “Delivered”, at which point we can schedule an appointment for you to come in and do the transfer paperwork. I realize a lot of FFLs get irritated when customers call as soon as the tracking says it’s delivered – I am quite the opposite. Call or email me as soon as you see it shows as delivered! We can make an appointment to get you in as soon as I have an opening in my schedule.

If the tracking shows that the delivery was missed for the day, it’s probably because they came by when nobody was here. That’s okay. They’ll retry delivery the next business day. I typically receive a handful of packages from each carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS) every single day, and the deliveries are not scheduled. They could come at 9AM or they could come at 6PM, I have no control or knowledge of when it is coming until the truck pulls up outside. Unfortunately this means I can’t be here for every delivery, but if I miss it one day, I do my best to stick around all day the next day.

It is very common that your package will not have your name on the outside.
I do my best to not cut open packages until the customer is here, except when legally required, due to instances of customers and/or sellers blaming me for items missing from the package, or for the firearm arriving in worse-than-advertised condition. This means I don’t know what package belongs to who because the customer’s names are usually on the packing list inside, not on the outside. To confirm that your firearm has arrived, check the tracking info. When you come to pick up your firearm, please have the seller’s name on hand. I may also ask for the last 4 digits of the tracking number to help locate your package, in the event that I have multiple packages from the same seller.

What to bring to your appointment:
  • A valid, unexpired, government ID that shows both your photo and your place of residence. Passports are not acceptable as they do not show your place of residence. “Temporary” Driver’s Licenses printed on paper are not acceptable as they do not show your photo.
  • Funds to cover your transfer fee
  • Know what company you bought the firearm from. It may also be helpful to have the tracking number on-hand, in case there are multiple packages for multiple buyers from the same seller.
  • Reading Glasses, if you use them. You can’t skip doing the paperwork just because you forgot them at home.
  • If you are picking up or purchasing a handgun, you must bring either a valid, unexpired, Michigan CPL, or a valid, unexpired, Michigan License to Purchase a Handgun. This is a new change for 2024.
  • If your firearm arrived in a box larger than a “Medium” Flat-Rate Box, plan to take the box home with you. There is no dumpster on-site.

Appointments that must be re-scheduled due to a no-show or due to a failure to bring all required items will result in an additional $10 fee.

When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll fill out a few basic forms, and once your background check result clears, the firearm is yours!

Please do not show up without contacting first.
Keeping regular hours as a small operation makes a healthy work-life balance difficult, especially when there are days where nobody comes in. If no appointments are on the books, I may close up shop for the day. I feel terrible when I return to missed calls and voicemails from someone who showed up to my door with nobody here. For this reason, hours are by appointment only. Appointments are generally available for a broad range of hours, 7 days a week.