Mental Health

Disclaimer: No person associated with Detroit Armament or responsible for the content of this website is a mental health professional.

Mental health is an exceedingly important subject in the modern world, which makes it all the more unfortunate that it has become a sensitive subject to discuss.  Mental health knowledge and understanding is a critical aspect to the responsible ownership of firearms.  All humans have mental health struggles at some point in their lives, though everyone experiences a different level of frequency, duration, and severity.  Typically this is not an obstacle to legal gun ownership, nor is it an obstacle to responsible gun ownership.

As an FFL, I encourage all firearms owners to be honest with themselves in evaluating their own mental health, and to use their best judgement in making responsible decisions – especially if those decisions involve firearms.  I also encourage anyone and everyone to seek professional counseling services.  Even in the absence of a mental health struggle, professional mental health services can offer pro-active methods to avoid common pathways to instances of mental and emotional struggle.  There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in seeking help.  Doing so does not mean there is something wrong with you.  It is my own personal opinion that the world would be a better place if everyone had an trustworthy, unbiased, and well-informed perspective to speak to and get advice from.

There exist some medications that have the potential side effects involving an altered state of mind or altered judgement, or the tendency to make decisions that could impact a person’s well-being.  There also exist situations in life that can apply enough stress to a person to alter their state of mind, their judgement, or cause abnormal thoughts.  For most gun owners, if we were to temporarily lose trust in our state of mind, we have someone we could trust to hold our firearms temporarily.  However, I recognize that some gun owners do not have that person.

Firearms owners who have a temporary need for the safe keeping of their firearms, due to a present or potential mental health issue, can contact me to have their firearms stored securely until they are ready to take them back.  No questions will be asked regarding the circumstances surrounding the need for the firearms to be secured.  Only the firearm’s owner may retrieve the firearms. A standard firearms transfer and background check will have to be performed before the firearms can be returned, but the normal transfer fee will be waived.

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