NFA Transfers

As an FFL/SOT, Detroit Armament is equipped to handle NFA item transfers.

NFA Items include silencers/suppressors, short barreled shotguns, short barreled rifles, “Any Other Weapon”, et cetera. If you’re purchasing a normal firearm, there is a separate page for information on those transfers: Link

Detroit Armament is a SilencerShop dealer! If you would like to use SilencerShop’s services, we are able to facilitate that. There is no fee for a SilencerShop purchase!


If you order NFA item from another business (other than SilencerShop), the transfer fee for a Form 4 NFA item is $75. This includes storage until the tax stamp is approved. If you purchase your NFA item from me or through SilencerShop’s website, there is no additional fee for transfer or storage. Please note, the $200 tax stamp cost that is paid to the government is separate and is not included in any price quote by me or SilencerShop.

While You Wait

Many SOT dealers are also a gun range, so customers waiting on their tax stamp to be approved can come and “check out” their NFA item.  There is not a gun range on the premises, so this is not an option.  On occasion (about 4-5 times a year), range days will be scheduled.  Customers who have an NFA item here will be notified of the date and time.  Those who attend the range days will have the opportunity to use their own item(s) for which they have a pending Form 4 for the duration of the session.  Afterwards it will be returned to secure storage.

Suppressor Alignment Rods

Suppressor alignment rods in the sizes of .22, .30, 6.5mm, 9mm, and .45 are available for use. It is free to have your alignment checked for any suppressor purchased from or transferred through me. For suppressors purchased elsewhere, there is a $5 cost per firearm per check. Alignment rods cost $60-80 elsewhere, and are typically a one-time need, so the savings is considerable!

Assistance with timing muzzle devices is also available.