NFA Transfers

As an FFL/SOT, Detroit Armament is equipped to handle NFA item transfers.

NFA Items include silencers/suppressors, short barreled shotguns, short barreled rifles, “Any Other Weapon”, et cetera. If you’re purchasing a normal firearm, there is a separate page for information on those transfers: Link


If this is your first time subitting an eForm 4, view detailed instructions here.

After placing the order for your NFA item, make sure you have the following ready:

  • eForms username and PIN recorded in a secure and quickly-accessible place (if you lose the original email we may not be able to submit your form. Write it down!)
  • Ensure you have already emailed your photograph to (if you have already sent this once, you don’t have to send it again)
  • If you are using physical ink fingerprint cards, leave them at home, you’ll be given instructions on how to send them in after the eForm 4 is submitted. If you are using EFT prints, email the file to (if you have already sent this once, you don’t have to send it again)
  • (Only for those using a trust) You will need to provide an ATF Responsible Persons Questionnaire (RPQ) for every member of the trust. Once your NFA item has arrived, you will be given the information required for filling out the RPQ.

Prefer SilencerShop?

Detroit Armament is a SilencerShop Powered dealer! If you would prefer to use SilencerShop’s services, use this link to facilitate that. No transfer fees are paid to Detroit Armament for a SilencerShop purchase.


If you purchase your NFA item from Detroit Armament directly, or through SilencerShop’s website, there is no additional fee for transfer or storage. If you order the NFA item from another source, the transfer fee for a Form 4 NFA item is $75. This includes storage until the tax stamp is approved. The $200 tax stamp cost that is paid to the government is separate and is not included in any price quote by Detroit Armament or SilencerShop. Transfer fee (if applicable) and tax stamp payments are due at time of Form 4 submission.

While You Wait

On occasion, range days may be scheduled. Customers who have a pending Form 4 will be notified of the date and time. Those who attend the range days will have the opportunity to use their own item(s) for which they have a pending Form 4 for the duration of the session. Afterwards it will be returned to secure storage.

After Approval

Once your Form 4 has been approved, you will receive a notification from ATF. At this point, you can schedule an appointment to pick up your NFA item. A standard firearm transfer form will need to be filled out, and you must bring ID.

As with regular firearms, NFA items that remain here more than 30 days past delivery without Form 4 submission or prior arrangements from the purchaser become the property of Detroit Armament. NFA items that remain here more than 30 days past Form 4 approval without contact or prior arrangements from the purchaser will have the Form 4 withdrawn and will become the property of Detroit Armament. Please reach out to make arrangements if you will need more than 30 days, you will be accommodated as long as you communicate.


For suppressors purchased through Detroit Armament, free installation is included for up to three muzzle devices per suppressor. Additional muzzle devices are $15/installation. Muzzle devices for suppressors purchased elsewhere can also be installed for $15/installation. The customer must provide the muzzle devices being installed. No Pin & Welds.

Detroit Armament is an Accu-Washer dealer, and can perform muzzle device installation using Accu-Washers instead of standard shims. This avoids the possibility of tolerance stacking since it uses a single shim of precise thickness instead of several thin ones. Muzzle devices can be installed with an Accu-Washer instead of regular shims for a $5 upcharge.

Suppressor Alignment Rods

Suppressor alignment rods in the sizes of .22, .30, 6.5mm, 9mm, and .45 are available for use. It is free to have your alignment checked for any suppressor purchased from or transferred through me. For suppressors purchased elsewhere, there is a $10 cost per firearm per check. Alignment rods cost $60-80 elsewhere, and are typically a one-time need, so the savings are considerable!