Machine Guns

Machine Gun Experience

As an FFL/SOT, Detroit Armament has legal full-auto machine guns you can experience!

Are you interested in shooting full-auto for the first time? Perhaps looking for the most kick-ass highlight imaginable for a bachelor party? Want to celebrate Independence Day, but fireworks just aren’t quite enough? This is the answer!

Our machine guns can be brought to any Detroit Metropolitan Area firearms range that allows rapid fire. This can be arranged for you, or it can be a range of your choosing (as long as they’ll allow it) including private gun clubs. Range fees (if any) are the responsibility of the customer. An NRA certified instructor will accompany the firearms to provide guidance on the operation of the firearms. As these firearms are quite valuable, all ammunition fired must be supplied by Detroit Armament.


HK MP5A2 – $50/hour plus ammunition

The original, the classic. The one you’ve seen in the greatest action movies in history. This soft-shooting submachine gun is very beginner-friendly. Uses 9mm ammunition.

M16A1 – $60/hour plus ammunition

Lightweight, iron sights, 20″ barrel. Featured in every Vietnam era war film, as well as the Terminator, Black Hawk Down, Scarface, and Heat (among others). Sometimes the original really is the best. Uses 5.56mm ammunition.

M4A1 Carbine – $40/hour plus ammunition

Experience the rifle that our country’s finest trusted their lives to throughout the Global War on Terror. Available with iron sights or an optic. Uses 5.56mm ammunition.

T91 – $40/hour plus ammunition

This is an authentic replica of the Taiwanese T91CQC rifle, with a shortened barrel and a unique 4-position selector, allowing the shooter to experience both 3-round-burst AND full-auto. The same authentic lower receiver is sold here! This firearm does have higher recoil than the other options on this list, so it is not for beginners. Uses 5.56mm ammunition.

A suppressor can be included with any included full-auto rental for an additional $30/hr. Roller-lock HKs like the MP5 aren’t complete without a can!

Suppressors can also be rented for your own firearms for $50/hr, subject to availability of a compatible mount for your firearm. This price includes mounting and checking alignment.